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Mar 01, 2019


Golden Ale

A collaboration beer made with all Southern Highlands ingredients. Barley grown at Joadja Distillery and hops grown at Southern Highlands Brewing’s own hop yard. A house strain of yeast and local water make this beer truly Southern Highlands. The blend of Chinook, Cascade and Victoria hops throw tropical fruit flavours and aromas. 

Jan 01, 2019


Hoppy Blonde Pale Ale

 Crafted in conjunction with the Hassos family! 

Their benevolence has earned them their rights to a Taphouse Tap! A refreshing Blonde Ale which will get the inner Zorba hopping. 

May 31, 2018


Copper Ale


This hoppy copper ale was the inaugural brew on the new SHBC brewhouse. The combination of 4 hops and 4 malts produces a flavoursome malt base  supporting a subtle combination of earth and fruit back end. A real winter session ale at 3.9% which should keep the fuzz away.

Feb 28, 2018


Golden Ale


Brewed with hops grown and harvested at our Brewery in Sutton Forest creating its own unique Highlands flavour. This deep Golden Ale has plenty of fruity tones up front with a crisp dry finish.

Like all Highlanders...there can be only one... Sutton Forest Hop Harvest 2018

Dec 31, 2017


Hefeweizen German Wheat Beer


Hailing from Bavaria, but living in the Highlands, the Weizen Owl holds onto his traditional roots. Our Weizen is made with 50% wheat malt and fermented warmer than regular ales with a genuine wheat beer yeast. This refreshing summer sipper throws balanced flavours of banana and clove. Weizen pours with a fluffy white head and cloudy appearance to transport you to the beer halls of Germany singing “Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, Der Gemütlichkeit!”

Nov 30, 2017


English Pale Ale


Peckitts is a stiff upper lip of an English Pale Ale or Extra Special Bitter highlighted by balance between the malt and an earthy English hop bitterness. SHB’s first seasonal was hatched on a Yorkshire style winter’s day in the Highlands and christened Peckitts in honour of one of the Highlands true beer drinkers. 

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