The Southern Highlands Brewing Co was established after a friendship formed in 2010 on the rugby field at the Bowral Blacks between Cameron James and Ben Twomey. Years of constructing and reconstructing the business plan culminated in the launch of the brewery in 2015.


Our Head Brewer, Cameron James, is a Highlander born and bred. Also an intrepid beer tourist, he has travelled the world in the pursuit of beer scholarship and fellowship, and honed all that inspiration and knowledge for our benefit.  


Ben Twomey was in corporate finance working in London and Dubai and on returning to Australia moved to the Southern Highlands in pursuit of the next venture. The chance meeting with Camo, and their mutual love of beer inspired the concept of the Southern Highlands Brewing Company.


The brewery quickly established itself across the Southern Highlands in a variety of local establishments, and supported many of the major local events. The acceptance and the popularity of craft beer in the region inspired the establishment of a retail premises and the creation of the brewery’s spiritual home.


The launch of Taphouse in 2017 embodied the creation of a new beer concept and experience in the Southern Highlands style, with a strong culinary emphasis on beer cuisine. The Taphouse opened its doors on November 4, 2017 and is the showpiece of the brewery; aligning the product, place and people - all quintessentially Southern Highlands!