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Updated: Mar 24, 2020


Dear Friends of the Taphouse and future patrons

As the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to impact the lives of us all, we want to keep you updated on what we are doing to support you and your health and safety during this challenging time. The status of the coronavirus is rapidly changing so please refer to our updated messages as they come in.

FRIDAY 20TH MARCH: In light of the recent announcement of a cap of one person per 4m2 for indoor gatherings applied to Cafes, Restaurants and Pubs, the Taphouse can accommodate 56 patrons at any one time (considering the Front of House Area and requisite staff). This will be managed by the Taphouse Floor Manager. We will continue to adapt to provide the Southern Highlands Taphouse experience to our Patrons in a safe and compliant venue.

THURSDAY 19TH MARCH: Southern Highlands Brewing Taphouse is adjusting its current operations prior to re-opening on Thursday 19th March to address the threat of COVID-19 spread as per Prime Minster Scott Morrisons announcement this morning, Wednesday 18th March. This is to ensure that the Health and Safety of our patrons and staff.

This will include:

  • Limiting the total patrons to under 100 at any one time as per the ban on indoor non-essential gatherings.

  • Our venue is large and can easily accommodate 100 people and still practice the 1.5m social distancing guideline.

  • Two dinner service times with a break period to properly clean and sanitise dining areas.

  • Implementing strict isolation procedures for 14 days for staff that have been overseas.

  • Strict adherence to daily updated advice from the National and State Health Departments

  • Our staff have been given literature on their obligations and best practice to avoid the spread.

  • Each patron will be requested to wash their hands prior to ordering

What can you do to help?

  • Reservations are strongly advised as walk-up patrons will be turned away when we are at 100 capacity.

  • Pay by card. Cash handling (contaminated surface) is considered a minor risk but easily avoided.

  • Stay away if you have any symptoms of sickness or have been in contact with a sick person.

  • Practice good hygiene.

Consideration is currently been given introducing Taphouse takeaway should any social distancing recommendations be upgraded, where appropriate, so people can still enjoy the Taphouse, support local businesses and our employees during these times.


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