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IBA "indies"

The Indies: The best of independent brewing!



Organised by the Independent Brewers Association, the Indies are judged by a respected panel of national and international beer judges are an invaluable platform for brewers to benchmark their beers and to showcase and celebrate excellence in independent craft beer. The Indies are an important platform to drive consumer awareness of the quality, diversity and excellence of independent beer.

The Indies are open for entry to Australian and international independent brewing companies (as defined by the IBA) who distribute their entered beer in Australia.

An independent brewer produces less than 40 million litres per annum, and is not more than 20 per cent owned by any other brewer that produces more than 40 million litres. The Indies is the night when the industry, beer in hand, gets together to celebrate and reward excellence.

The Indies is Australia’s greatest stage for independent beer, and like indie beer the competition has evolved significantly over the past few years. It is one of the largest scoreless beer competitions in the world that doesn’t use numerical quantification. They focus on categorising quality into a gold/ silver/ bronze/ no medal system using a crew of judges and associate judges on each table.


The 2019 awards saw is a record 1017 beers (an increase from 747 in 2018) and 147 breweries (an increase from 124). This is encouraging and further proof of growth in the independent beer sector.


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